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By JOSHUA LURIE On June, 2016

Kopan Ramen 4, part of a growing Japanese chain in Southern California, just opened an izakaya in Encino on May 1, building on the success of branches in Fullerton (noodle house), Burbank (tofu house) and Rowland Heights (izakaya). Mike C. and Jun L., who choose to keep their last names anonymous, took over an address that last held a Japanese restaurant called Dancing Wasabi.
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Kopan Ramen Serves Delicious Noodles And Japanese Sides In Burbank
By Lisa Paredes On February 25, 2015

Since opening in January, Downtown Burbank’s Kopan Ramen 2 has been steadily serving its delicious Japanese noodles and plates to a growing clientele of devotees. The Burbank noodle shop offers a simple but satisfying menu of ramen and Japanese sides.
The Burbank location of Kopan Ramen is the second location of the Fullerton-based Izakaya Kopan. Located in the large open-aired space that had previously housed a branch of Little Tokyo’s Orochon, Kopan Ramen offers one basic broth flavor for ramen orders.

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New Izakaya Opens In Fullerton
By Edwin Goei On December 28 2012

There’s a new izakaya in Fullerton. No, not Honda Ya. That’s old news. Izakaya Kopanis taking over the spot of Red Chopsticks, a pho purveyor located next to the popular sushi joint Chomp at 141 E. Commonwealth Ave.

According to a Facebook post, it promises to offer ramen, yakitori, and traditional Japanese dishes with a Korean touch with a price range of $2-$8 an item.
It’s holding its soft opening today, if you fancy yourself one of those “Firsters” on Yelp.
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Southern California Cuisine: Kopan Ramen – Fullerton, CA

For living in Rowland Heights Charlie who want to eat a bowl of noodles but do not want the trouble of commuting drove too far away, the head will immdeiately have a few options, such as close to home Yukino Ya, air damper Ravilion and even a little further What’s Up Men, is a regular visitor to the restaurant, but look for delicious ramen will not be the pace and marking time. One day at a restaurant about to close shop many awkward point in time, the belly of the greedy insects began to cause trouble and found this home opened in Fullerton ramen shops usually seel to eleven pm, Weekend hours to midnight, just able to meet the needs of late-night meal and explore new restaurants.
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